Manfredi Enterprises

In 1995 , Manfredi Enterprises  Pty Ltd , a boutique management company , was incorporated  under the  Direction and co- ownership of Stefano  Manfredi  and Julie  Manfredi Hughes .  This  ensures that each di Manfredi  project  or endeavour  is  overseen personally and driven by the core brand values  of the di Manfredi signature .

Stefano Manfredi and Julie Manfredi Hughes have designed and operated restaurants in Sydney for almost 3 decades . Throughout that time their restaurants have been at the pinnacle of that city’s food culture and both the cuisine and the design of their restaurants have placed them among the handful of innovators in the burgeoning Australian culinary style.

The Manfredi name in Australia  became synonymous with  Modern Italian cuisine  and in 1995 Manfredi Enterprises  Pty Ltd , a boutique management company ,  was incorporated  under the Direction of Stefano  and Julie  to ensure that each di Manfredi  project  or endeavour  was overseen personally and  driven by the core brand values  of the di Manfredi signature .


di Manfredi is fuelled by finesse. Our passion is backed by skill, acumen and sophistication. Everything we do has a polish to it that comes from a practised understanding of excellence. It is in our blood and has been honed overgenerations. Our belief in finesse is something we love to share – that’s why we create products and experiences that are founded in quality, simplicity, beauty and rigour. We don’t cut corners and we don’t go for gimmicks. We take pleasure in the quiet confidence that comes from being consistently skillful and committed.


We believe in the joy of sharing the “pleasures of the table”. Our giving nature is expressed in many ways – from the personable, warm and welcoming experiences we create to the gift of helping people to relax and take more time out for friends, family and for themselves. Our goal is to always put people at ease and share a sense of kindness and hospitality – just as if you were seated at the table with your own family.


Our Italian heritage is fundamental to everything we do. From a love of life to a commitment to hard work, the Italian way is fundamental to our DNA. It gives us a sense of connection to the earth and its produce, and an deeprooted belief that food fuels relationships and nurtures the soul. Our Italianess gives us a discerning eye, one that instantly recognises style and fashion. There is a profound sense of civility and how its graces enrich even the smallest of experiences .


The migrant’s heart is one of adventure and a love of discovery. Founded in the richness of tradition, we are not afraid to try new ideas or explore new sensations. We merge and extend cultural nuances effortlessly and appropriately. This gives a modernity to our thinking. We are not frivolous in our acts of discovery – they are embedded into our long-standing mastery. We relish constantly extending the journey to new places, without forgetting where we have come from.