Torta di Rose For you and your beloved  on Valentines day, Stefano Manfredi shares a traditional ...
  • Torta di Ricotta

    Torta di Ricotta

    Light-as -air baked Torta di Ricotta, recipe from Stefano Manfredi. The kitchen is filled with the...


    This risotto from Manfredi is a modern interpretation of a milanese classic. Add the chestnuts, a...
  • Ricotta Raviolo, Cauliflower Cream and Black Truffles

    Ricotta Raviolo, Cauliflower Cream and Black Truffles

    The Black Australian Truffle is best served fresh during their height of seasonality from late May...
  • Seafood Salad with Sardinian Flatbread

    Seafood Salad with Sardinian Flatbread

    This delicious seafood salad is featured as part of the Sardegna menu for The Regional Italian...
  • Rabbit loin with sage and rosemary, braised lentils

    Rabbit loin with sage and rosemary, braised lentils

    This month's Good Food Hats Off Dinner included a delicious four-course meal inspired by the...
  • Zuccotto – Ricotta Mascarpone and Chocolate Dome

    Zuccotto – Ricotta Mascarpone and Chocolate Dome

    RICOTTA, MASCARPONE AND CHOCOLATE DOME Zuccotto This is one of the first semifreddo type desserts...
  • Tartufo di Amedei al Espresso

    Tartufo di Amedei al Espresso

    A rich, velvety chocolate dessert with the surprise crunch of nutty Italian nougat bursting through....
  • Salad of Buffalo Mozzarella and broad beans with walnut salsa

    Salad of Buffalo Mozzarella and broad beans with walnut salsa

    Fresh garden produce and crisp salads ...
  • Rum baba

    Rum baba

    Delicious rum and citrus goodness! ...
  • Coconut pannacotta with custard apple and passionfruit

    Coconut pannacotta with custard apple and passionfruit

    Fresh coconut can be difficult to get hold off, so you can substitute dried shredded coconut if...
  • Corzetti


    CORZETTI PASTA DOUGH Corzetti 375g plain flour or “00” Italian soft wheat pasta flour 2 eggs...
  • Balla’s Agnolotti filled with wild greens

    Balla’s Agnolotti filled with wild greens

    A hearty winter pasta...
  • Torta di Nocciola Espresso

    Torta di Nocciola Espresso

    This hazelnut and coffee tart is rich and intense and was created especially with the Espresso di...
  • Crostata di Moré

    Crostata di Moré

    Il dolce is not be only a sweet way to end a lunch or dinner. It’s also how many Italians start...
  • Duck and Chestnut Terrine

    Duck and Chestnut Terrine

    From the Valle d’Aosta region of Italy....
    Meat, Vegetable
  • Roast Beetroot with Hazelnuts and Gorgonzola

    Roast Beetroot with Hazelnuts and Gorgonzola

    Beetroot, as we know it today, has evolved from the sea beet, a wild seashore plant that still...
  • Valle d’Aosta

    Valle d’Aosta

    Over the past ten years, Stefano has followed his love affair of Italian food and wine through the...
  • Seasons Of Change

    Seasons Of Change

    Steve Manfredi signs off with recipes to welcome the fresh flavours of spring....
  • Choc And Awe

    Choc And Awe

    Bitter-sweet confections make a wickedly indulgent treat....
  • All Rise

    All Rise

    Plain or crowned with toppings, focaccia is an Italian staple that has conquered the world....
  • A Real Pearler

    A Real Pearler

    When cooking with oysters, the trick is to keep it simple....
    Seafood, Vegetable
  • Baked Beans

    Baked Beans

    Steve Manfredi's coffee-flavoured treats keep his espresso habit in check....
    Seafood, Vegetable
  • The Square Root

    The Square Root

    Turnips, sometimes seen as a rather meagre and unfashionable vegetable, have been the butt of many...
  • Tang With A Twist

    Tang With A Twist

    There's more to sweet and sour than bright orange Chinese pork....
    Meat, Seafood
  • Tough Love

    Tough Love

    A slow braise can turn chewy morsels into tender mouthfuls....
  • Light Bulbs

    Light Bulbs

    Steve Manfredi unravels the mysteries of kohlrabi....
  • Hot Potato

    Hot Potato

    There's a spud for every dish and every season....
    Meat, Vegetable
  • Whey To Go

    Whey To Go

    Parmigiano-reggiano is one of northern Italy's finest contributions to the culinary world....
  • Scent Messages

    Scent Messages

    The penetrating perfume of the quince is irresistible....
  • Easy Does It

    Easy Does It

    The most pleasurable dishes are often the simplest....
  • Top Of The Pops

    Top Of The Pops

    The taste and texture of salmon roe deliver a delightful mouthful, writes STEVE MANFREDI....
    Seafood, Vegetable
  • Sour Power

    Sour Power

    A trip to Naples reinvigorates STEVE MANFREDI’S love for lemons...
    Fruit, Seafood
  • Lovely Leeks

    Lovely Leeks

    After all these years cooking for work and pleasure, I'm still surprised when I come across new...
    Meat, Seafood, Vegetable
  • Chop And Change

    Chop And Change

    Consumer concern for animal welfare is increasing demand for free-range and organic pork....
  • Prised Possession

    Prised Possession

    They can be tricky to open but chestnuts reward the determined....
  • Bills of Fare

    Bills of Fare

    Pluck up the courage to experiment with duck....
  • Crunch Time

    Crunch Time

    The freshness and flavour of Australian hazelnuts make them a treat worth seeking out....
    Seafood, Vegetable
  • The Fun In Fungi

    The Fun In Fungi

    Steve Manfredi laments that when it comes to mushrooms we're still largely in the dark....
    Meat, Vegetable
  • The Perfect Cure

    The Perfect Cure

    Hot or cold, fish smoked the traditional way is hard to beat, writes Steve Manfredi....
    Fruit, Seafood, Vegetable
  • Hard Nut To Crack

    Hard Nut To Crack

    Amid the coconut water craze, don't overlook the fragrant flesh....
  • Bearded Beauties

    Bearded Beauties

    Seasoned with seawater, mussels are a succulent and versatile treat, writes STEVE MANFREDI....
    Seafood, Vegetable
  • Escape Pods

    Escape Pods

    Pre-packaged freshly shelled borlotti beans get into hungry bellies faster....
  • Off The Boil

    Off The Boil

    STEVE MANFREDI shares his secrets for getting the best out of vegetables....
    Seafood, Vegetable
  • Great White Way

    Great White Way

    Milk can do far more than whiten tea and moisten cereal....
    Seafood, Vegetable
  • Fruitful harvest

    Fruitful harvest

    For those who love stone fruit, it has been an abundant season. ...
  • Frost Bites

    Frost Bites

    Remember those snow cones you loved to eat at the show when you were a kid? That pyramid of...
  • American Beauty

    American Beauty

    To say that Italian is a well-travelled cuisine is really stating the obvious but late last year,...
    Meat, Vegetable
  • A Taste of Summer

    A Taste of Summer

    Nothing says December like the colours and textures of berries...
  • Net Benefit

    Net Benefit

    STEVE MANFREDI gets to the bottom of confusing fish names. Old habits die hard. And, when it comes...
    Seafood, Vegetable
  • Rise and Shine

    Rise and Shine

    STEVE MANFREDI bakes crusty bread minus the gluten. Thirty years ago, dietary restrictions were...
    Seafood, Vegetable
  • Top Shelf Picks

    Top Shelf Picks

    STEVE MANFREDI names his favourite new cookbooks. I'm always happy either giving or...
    Seafood, Vegetable
  • Fridge magnets

    Fridge magnets

    Christmas is fast approaching. Many households will have a roast bird of some kind with roast...
    Meat, Vegetable
  • Slam dunk

    Slam dunk

    Steve Manfredi reckons a good biscuit beats a macaron hands down....
    Meat, Vegetable
  • Handle with care

    Handle with care

    STEVE MANFREDI reveals the secret to enjoying the delicate flavour of the humble yabby....
  • Full of beans

    Full of beans

    The season has been kind to STEVE MANFREDI, who is happy to prolong his love affair with an old...
    Seafood, Vegetable
  • Get your goat

    Get your goat

    While Australia is the largest goat meat exporter in the world, when it comes to domestic...
  • Show some leg

    Show some leg

    Among the challenges when we opened our first restaurant in 1983 was introducing our Australian...
    Seafood, Vegetable
  • The flame game

    The flame game

    I remember watching a series on television about the American barbecue. Each episode focused on a...
    Meat, Vegetable
  • Ball games

    Ball games

    Mozzarella is equally impressive served simply with bread or as the star of a dish, writes STEVE...
  • A morel crusade

    A morel crusade

    This eye-catching mushroom delivers memorable spring meals, writes STEVE MANFREDI....
  • Missing links

    Missing links

    While shopping at a growers' market, STEVE MANFREDI gets back to the land....
  • Smashing pumpkins

    Smashing pumpkins

    Pumpkin is not really a vegetable it’s a fruit. And so are tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini,...
  • Take the cake

    Take the cake

    A dish that began as a way to use leftovers is now a star in its own right, writes STEVE MANFREDI....
    Seafood, Vegetable
  • Spring a leek

    Spring a leek

    Cooking, like painting or music, is often about creating contrasts of light and shade. A great...
    Meat, Vegetable
  • Sacred grounds

    Sacred grounds

    Hi, I’m Steve Manfredi and I have a caffeine addiction. Sure, I can kick it. Like a couple of...
    Meat, Vegetable