Pretty Beach House with menu by Manfredi The Pizzaperta Manfredi Difference Espresso di Manfredi Stefano Manfredi Manfredi at Bells Julie Manfredi-Hughes

Pretty Beach House with menu by Manfredi

Pretty Beach House , a pinnacle of Australian luxury accommodation and hospitality is reopening this March after a two and a half year hiatus. Pretty Beach House, the four-pavilion hideaway, has been ...

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The Pizzaperta Manfredi Difference

Pizzaperta is revolutionising the way we eat pizza, demonstrating that taste and technology can return the flavours of the past with a nutritional balance suitable for a healthy lifestyle.

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Espresso di Manfredi

A spirit of sprezzatura, the ethos of effortless mastery, can be found in every cup of Espresso di Manfredi. It’s a spirit that’s enjoyed with every sip.

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Stefano Manfredi

The name  Stefano Manfredi in Australia is synonymous with Modern Italian dining . The Manfredi Family have designed and operated restaurants in Sydney for almost three decades, a career that has ...

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Manfredi at Bells

"Food has a beauty of its own which comes from the way its presented simply and the freshness of the produce.  Our menu at Manfredi at Bells is based primarily on the seasons then we look for the ...

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Julie Manfredi-Hughes

“The pleasures of the table - good food, good company and good design - are the foundations of our approach”

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