About Manfredi Enterprises Your seasonal recipe from Stefano Manfredi Stefano Manfredi Julie Manfredi-Hughes New Pizza Espresso di Manfredi The Pizzaperta Manfredi Difference

About Manfredi Enterprises

Stefano Manfredi and Julie Manfredi Hughes have designed and operated restaurants in Sydney for almost 3 decades . Throughout that time their restaurants have been at the pinnacle of that city’s ...


Your seasonal recipe from Stefano Manfredi

Manfredi kitchen presents this light-as -air baked Torta di Ricotta. The kitchen is filled with the sweet smell of lemon rind and vanilla. No flour , just ricotta, eggs,sugar,vanilla and lemon rind. ...


Stefano Manfredi

The name  Stefano Manfredi in Australia is synonymous with Modern Italian dining. Manfredi Group have designed and operated restaurants in Sydney for almost three decades, a career that has seen them ...


Julie Manfredi-Hughes

“The pleasures of the table - good food, good company and good design - are the foundations of our approach”


New Pizza

Stefano Manfredi’s  latest book , New Pizza takes the world’s favourite fast food back to its origins – as a deliciously healthy and simple meal for everyone to enjoy.


Espresso di Manfredi

A spirit of sprezzatura, the ethos of effortless mastery, can be found in every cup of Espresso di Manfredi. It’s a spirit that’s enjoyed with every sip.


The Pizzaperta Manfredi Difference

Pizzaperta is revolutionising the way we eat pizza, demonstrating that taste and technology can return the flavours of the past with a nutritional balance suitable for a healthy lifestyle.


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