SICILY –  Tues 11th September 2012

Book now and  join us for last seats with signed copies of  Stefano Manfredi’s ‘Seasonal Favorites’ to be won. $90 PP including wine!!!

To say we’re in love with Sicily is an understatement. Stefano Manfredi has travelled around the island many times , Julie made a returned  visit  a must  on her last holiday and Balla’s head chef Gabriele Taddeucci visited recently, falling for the produce and the Sicilian approach to cooking.

Sicily has been occupied- and hence influenced- by Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans, Franks, Arabs and Spanish to name a few. From each of these cultures, the locals took what they liked and made it their own from pasta to chocolate to gelato, their resourcefulness and inventiveness has produced one of the great regional cuisines of Italy.

Our Sicilian menu will present classic Sicilian dishes, concentrating on seafood, vegetables and pasta. We are particularly excited to have the famous pistachios from Bronte to use in our dessert. Not the beach suburb in Sydney but the town in the province of Catania, near Mount Etna, where these outstanding pistachios are grown.

Our sommelier Fabio Danzi is excited to be able to select a series of Sicilian wines to accompany each of the four courses.

Join us on Tuesday September 11th for this special dinner at the very special price of $90 including wine.

The  Regional  menu  for Sicily will then run for the entire month  Mondays through Thursdays  as part of Balla’s  Wine and Dine  offer .


CALL BALLA ON  T:02 9657 9129Photo courtesy of Julie Manfredi Hughes Sicilian library: Tenuta Regaleali