Stefano Manfredi’s  latest book , New Pizza takes the world’s favourite fast food back to its origins – as a deliciously healthy and simple meal for everyone to enjoy. Pizza comes in many styles – thin, thick, crisp, chewy, round, square, a metre or more in length, filled, fried or sweet – and the quality of the pizza is defined by the quality of the flour, dough and toppings.

Stefano Manfredi is a renowned master of Modern Italian cuisine  with a string of significant  restaurants and awards , both national and international,  to his name. His most recent passion project is ‘New Pizza’ and his operation Pizzaperta at The Star.

Sydney’s award-winning pizza maestro will show you how to use wholewheat flour, fresh toppings and tried-and-tested methods to create the healthiest, tastiest pizza this side of Naples. Published  July 2017 in Australia  by Murdoch Books  and  also available in kindle format from Amazon.