Hats all around:  Osteria Balla  Manfredi and Manfredi at Bells

A big congratulations to Balla and Manfredi at Bells for both receiving One Hat in the Good Food Guide 2015 awards. Both restaurants maintained their position on previous years, receiving credit where credit is due.

We are very proud and grateful for our chefs, sommeliers, managers and front of house staff. Their passion, professionalism and ongoing hard work is recognised and this award is a testament to them.

A special mention to Head Chefs Gabriele Taddeucci (Balla) and Cameron Cansdell (Manfredi at Bells) and Restaurant Managers Luca Carichini (Balla) and Hayley Hardcastle (Manfredi at Bells) for leader the teams to excellence.

Our passion for the hospitality industry is shared with many, but it is our staff who reflect this to our customers through the food, service and hospitality at Balla and Manfredi at Bells. We thank you all very much! These awards go to you!