It doesn’t get much better than this.  Food blogger Rebecca Varidel attended Stefano Manfredi’s Manjimup Truffle Dinner at Pretty Beach House on Friday 29 July and here’s just a snippet of what she had to say… “Exquisite. This could have been the shortest article ever. That one word is description enough. Though I’d like to share a secret with you. Have you ever been asked that question? You know. The one about what you would order for your last meal. I’ve always answered “it would depend on the season” or “a degustation from my favourite Chefs: a course each”.  Scroll through and see if you can guess which dish would now be my choice; yes, now I know what I would request for my last meal.  Because there is such simplicity here, we could overlook the perfection – the purity of ingredients, mastery of techniques. Nonetheless there is perfection in each mouthful. And there is one dish, that somehow stands above the perfection of all.”

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