• Pizzaperta Manfredi

    Pizzaperta Manfredi

    21 Oct 14
      The Pizzaperta  brand project   follows the craftsmanship of traditional pizza and...
  • Manfredi at Bells

    Manfredi at Bells

    22 Sep 12
    Spanning the years 2007 – 2017 and at the heart of Bells at Killcare Boutique Hotel,...
  • Pretty Beach House with Menu by Manfredi

    Pretty Beach House with Menu by Manfredi

    18 Sep 12
    As a sister property to Bells at Killcare and operating as part of the group,  Pretty Beach House,...
  • Osteria Balla Manfredi

    Osteria Balla Manfredi

    29 Jun 12
    Osteria Balla, the new Manfredi restaurant at The Star opened its doors September 2011 , signalling...
  • Bel Mondo

    Bel Mondo

    27 Sep 96
    On the 27th of September 1996, a Last Supper was held at The Restaurant Manfredi after 13 years...
  • Restaurant Manfredi

    Restaurant Manfredi

    6 Feb 17
    The Manfredi family opened this iconic Sydney restaurant at the back of a cartoonist gallery on...