Manfredi has now fully exited from the Star as Pizzaperta closes at The Star location in Sydney on 9th October 2018 due to new building works in progress on the site. In the 3 years at the Star Pizzaperta claimed many accolades including the coveted 3 Pizza slices from Gambero Rosso.


The Pizzaperta  brand project   follows the craftsmanship of traditional pizza and quality produce that Manfredi champions, using only artisan and unrefined, stoneground Molino Quaglia ‘Petra’ flours, imported from Italy for the very first time to Australia.  Manfredi will introduce to Australia a fermentation process that is natural and longer than normal, using a classic biga method, resulting in a more easily digested dough.

The menu  changes seasonally and topping ingredients will be sourced locally from the best fresh produce suppliers. Each pizza is designed with simple flavours to complement the handcrafted pizza base, cooked to perfection in the Stefano Ferrara M130 wood-burning oven direct from Naples. All menu items, including sides, salads and desserts will be served in custom-made, biodegradable Pizzaperta takeaway boxes and bags offering the casual and communal values of Italian street food.

Traditional and Classic Italian flavours of Marinara and Margherita  are  clear favourites, as will be the Buffalo Mozzarella & Prosciutto di Parma and Calzone Napoli. Seasonal and new wave pizza flavours include Prawn, Zucchini & Mint, Buffalo Ricotta & Fennel Sausage and Lamb Belly with Mediterranean herbs. The taller and crunchier Roman ‘Teglia’ style pizza is also available, favoured because of its focaccia-like appearance. Salads, local and imported salumi and desserts will also feature on the menu.

This passion project by the award-winning chef  defined the emerging ‘new wave’ trends of the humble Italian street food.

Stefano will keep his fans informed of where to find  his  next Pizzaperta