“At Bells at Killcare, we’ve picked the last broad beans, carrots and artichokes of spring and we’re now looking forward to the summer crop of vegetables from our kitchen gardens. Over the next weeks, the Manfredi at Bells chefs will be harvesting a swag of summer lettuces, such as crisp and slightly bitter sugarloaf lettuce, Italian green chard, zucchini flowers, golf ball-sized zucchini, squash, borage and a profusion of yellow, green and purple beans.

I’m very excited that (Manfredi at Bells head chef) Cameron has recently found a grower who’ll supply us with baby rabbits. As you may know, rabbits are a delicacy in Italy. They’re white-fleshed and very sweet. We are simply grilling them and serving with some local grilled mushrooms at Manfredi at Bells this summer.”

Stefano Manfredi.