On Thursday 14th July, Stefano Manfredi and Julie Manfredi Hughes announced the details of the restaurant which heralds their long–awaited return to the Sydney dining scene. Balla, set to open at the newly redeveloped The Star complex in September 2011, will be a restaurant dedicated to the culture of Italian food, wine and service.

Balla will seek to redefine the classic osteria Milanese.  As the most cosmopolitan of all Italian cities, Milan is also the most dynamic food-wise, with influences from around the boot. This will be reflected in Balla’s menu, which will feature a newly revived and more urbane cuisine informed by the region of Stefano’s birth. With the addition of a wood-fired grill to his Italian kitchen, expect to taste a truly authentic cuisine from Stefano, which will remain faithful to his long-held tenets of quality, simplicity and seasonality.

Balla’s design has been realised through collaboration with Luigi Rosselli Architects and Frost Design. A major influence was the Italian Futurist art movement, of which Milan was a major centre in the early 20th century. Naming the restaurant Balla, after the futurist poet and painter Giacomo Balla, Stefano and Julie worked closely with the design team of Rosselli and Frost*, introducing Futurist elements and references throughout the restaurant.

With 160 seats, including an Aperitivi Bar, guests will be able to enjoy a memorable dining experience in Balla’s sweeping arc-shaped avenue overlooking Sydney’s harbour, bridge and city, or enjoy a quick antipasto at the bar with a glass of wine from the extensive all-Italian list.

* Schematic renderings by Luigi Rosselli.

To make a reservation at Balla call The Star on
T: 02 9777 9000