As winter and the icy draft intensifies, we crave the comforts of hearty dishes to restore the warmth of days past.

WE invite you to  share  the pleasures of our table  and enjoy the seasonal  winter menus  at Manfredi at Bells ,  Osteria Balla Manfredi , Pretty Beach House  and Pizzaperta  or try the recipes at home  below from Stefano Manfredi  #Manfrediaus

At Manfredi, we love to enjoy the seasons through the fresh produce it brings to capture food in its finest state. This winter, Stefano and his chefs invite you to indulge in dishes of the season because, what can compare to a night spent indoors with the fire crackling, exploring a new hearty recipe, with a glass of Sangiovese?

Here are some key ingredients Stefano is exploring this winter along with some recipes to match.

The Black Australian Truffle is best served fresh during their height of seasonality from late May to early August. They add rich flavour to simple dishes involving eggs, mushrooms, chicken, pasta, potatoes, risotto, Jerusalem artichokes and celeriac.

Beetroot – Beetroot’s leaves are bitter with a sweet, round root and can be eaten raw, cooked or pickled. It’s rich purple colour and earthy charm makes it an ingredient not be missed on any winter menu.

Bottarga – Bottarga is the salted, dried roe of either mullet or tuna. It is widely enjoyed in Sardinia and Sicily and even in mainland Liguria and in Calabria where it is called ovotarica. Bottarga tasted delicious served atop of your favourite pasta dish.

Octopus – With its versatility and impressive presentation, octopus is a crowd pleaser. Having been introduced in the Australian food landscape largely by the Mediterranean countries of Greece, Spain and Italy, the octopus is today considered to be a quintessential restaurant dish. Octopus is delicious tossed in a salad or served in risotto or pasta sauce.

Radicchio – Radicchio is strong and bitter in flavour and is best served in accompaniment with similarly strong ingredients and dressing. Its bright flavour adds colour to a winter dish and unlike other salad greens, tastes great when grilled or braised.